The person and his approach to painting.  




 Robert Scott has a simple approach to painting. His work is based entirely upon his own personal experiences of what he sees and records. Capturing images is done by sketching and photography. The need for photography is apparent if you have ever tried sketching a yacht going past at 15knots from a vessel which is itself a moving platform. The energy of the moment is great to experience first hand and with the help of images taken at the time the viewer is transported straight back to the second when just viewing changed to the desire to capture the scene or subject in a painting.   When it comes to subjects which aren't moving, landscapes and buildings, then we have the luxury of time to sketch. This then becomes an occasion when photography is used to capture light changes and things of interest which take place whilst the sketch is in progress. The arrival of a cloud can dramatically change a landscape with added light and shade to give further interest to the view.



 Commissions present their own challenges, but are usually a mixture of information from the commissioners, whom may have their own favourite view of their vessel, and my own experience of the sea and local views. This combination of information then enables me to compose the desired painting. Commissions by their nature are interpretation and composition, which I am happy to do and have on occasions resulted in some exceptionally successful paintings. 
Recent commissions have included large panoramic views for clients such as Portofino and Villefranche. These present their own challenges but I am happy to take on the complexity of such commissions which other artist sometimes shy away from.